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no templates installed, wrong file path

Apropos Ubuntu-Nutzerfreundlichkeit.

Right Click, Create Document, no templates installed

Da gibt es etliche lange und breite Diskussionen in diversen Ubuntuforen, warum diese Möglichkeit überhaupt angezeigt wird, ohne dass Templates mitgeliefert werden.Etwa hier:


"the rational to have no template by default is that the choice of what to put there is an user one and upstream is against giving a way for applications to put tons of useless items in there for most users."


"If that is the rationale, how does one justify the confusion or frustration it creates to users as given in the bug description? Using the right-click menu if one creates a new document, renames it with the extension of one's choice, and opens it with the "appropriate" software, just does not work. Nor is it clear as to how one is supposed to create/add new templates. If the designers are against putting "useless templates" in there, at least provide a straightforward means to add new templates."

Ich facepalmte, als ich mitbekam, dass diese Diskussion bereits seit etlichen Versionsnummern ein Dauerbrenner ist.

"The fact that this sorry argument has been going on is good evidence that the Linux community still doesnt fully "get it". Users dont expect to have to create their own templates and put them in the right place. They just expect them *to be there*. It's really not a big dealt to have ~15 or so templates in the menu. Amazingly, people can chose from 15 objects quite easily."

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